Methods to sanitize the carpet

Methods to sanitize the carpet

Carpets give a rich look to the interior. But this is possible only when they are clean. Even though
carpets are cleaned occasionally it is a big task. The stains and dirt are always awkward on them.
Cleaning them will give us a sense of accomplishment. There are two methods to sanitize the carpet.

Method one to disinfect carpet

Cleansing of carpet requires the following ingredients:
– Cold water
– White Vinegar
– Liquid dish soap
– Bucket
– Scrub brush
– Baking soda

Crisscross Vacuum

Take the carpet separately away from all the furniture. Deep and intense vacuum is necessary to remove
the dirt or any other small material that is stuck on the carpet. For thorough vacuum, vacuuming on four
different directions with a slow speed can do wonders. After complete vacuum, sprinkle baking soda all
over the carpet and leaves it for a while.

Preparation of the mix

Prepare the mix with equal parts of cold water, vinegar and liquid dish soap. Whip the contents until the
foam is formed. All the ingredients that are used now are very good disinfecting and cleaning agents.
However, these may tend to discolor. To avoid it testing it in a small portion will be helpful.


sanitize the carpet

Gather great energy to use the scrubbing brush and clean the carpet entirely. After do you finish it, leave
it for some 5 minutes for the cleaning agents to work on.

Water Bath to the carpet

With the help of a rag, rinse the entire carpet with cold freshwater. You have to rub the carpet so strong
until the dirt and other residues get rid of the carpet. Starting from one corner to the other corner can
be helpful for a thorough clean. At times you have to change the rag to ensure that it is clean.

Time to Vacuum

After the carpet has completely dried, vacuum the whole carpet to remove the debris if any. Disinfecting
and sanitizing the carpet is so easy with the available ingredients in the home

Tips for easy sanitation

The above method is really a backbreaking work. There are easy steps to maintain the carpet. All you
need is a bottle of spray that is filled with equal parts of vinegar and water. Spraying this mixture then
and there on the carpet will kill the bacteria’s in it.

Method two for cleaning a carpet

clean carpet

Cleaning under the second method will need the following ingredients
– Steam cleaner
– White vinegar
– Hot water
First, you have to prepare the mix. And this depends upon the instruction given in the steam cleaner.
The ratio of vinegar and water will be given in the steam cleaner to follow. Sometimes there may be no
such ratios. If this is the case you can use vinegar alone. In other cases, you can find ratios for soap and
water. During these cases avoid vinegar and use soap.
Fill the detergent vessel of the steam cleaner with the mix. Do ensure that you don't overfill. After this,
you have to run this steam cleaner over the carpets. Now dry the carpet
You can follow these two methods to deep clean a carpet. The first method is cheap as all ingredients
are available in our home itself. However, cleaning a carpet becomes easy with the second method.

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