Simple steps to clean a tower fan

Simple steps to clean a tower fan

Are you worried to clean a tower fan?? Are you feeling very difficult to clean this tower fan?? Don’t
worry, there are some simple ways are available to clean a tower fan. The clean fan helps to keep the
best air circulation. You can use the tower fan to make a good air circulation in your room. But you have
to maintain the tower fan regularly. Some of the basic things to clean the tower fan are:

– Mask to avoid any dust allergies
– Eyewear (this is optional)
– Small bowl
– Cleaning brush
– Philips head screwdriver
– Can of compressed air

Steps to clean the tower fan

Step 1: You have to prepare yourself

The first thing is to prepare you to clean the tower fan. You have to choose the place to clean and
unplug the fan. If the fan has a lot of dust, you can use the garbage bag. After this step, you have to
wear the eyewear and mask to avoid any dust allergy.

Step 2: Take the panel off

Tower Fan in Room

The second step is to remove the backside panel of the tower fan once unplugged from the power. This
is tight with the screws, so you can use the screwdriver to unlock the panel. You can collect these screws
in a small bowl, which helps to avoid the missing of the screws. Some of the tower fans don’t have any
side panels. If you have side panels, you can follow this second step to clean.

Step 3: Use the can of compressed air

The third step is to take the can of compressed air and shake it well for at least one minute. You have to
notice that it doesn’t have pressure exuded while shaking. Sometimes the open ends may release the air
while shaking. So check before shaking and use the can of compressed air to clean a standing fan.

Step 4: Clean the tower fan

The fourth step is to use the can of compressed air from the tip of the tower towards the end. You have
to pass the compressed air from the top to the bottom of the tower fan to clean thoroughly. Check any
dust is deposited and clean completely. Then turn it around and clean another side. You can also use the
brush to clean the dust.

Step 5: Place the panel

After finishing all the process of cleaning a tower fan, you can put a panel on the backside of the tower
fan. Now you can get a clean tower fan.

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