Step by step guide to fix cracked glass

Step by step guide to fix cracked glass

Glass crafts are always beautiful. But the sad truth is that they break often. With the help of the step-by-
step guide below, you can repair and fix any of your glass craft. When our favourite glass items break,
we tend to fix it. The worst part is that when the cracks are larger than an inch or a hole through both
the panes. The situations are always beyond repair.

But do you know that you can fix a cracked glass with little extra ingredients? All you need to do is
approach the crack in the right way. Glass items like single pane glass, tabletops shower doors, can be
fixed with the help of this guide. Broken glass repair needs patience. Be careful and never hurt yourself.

The materials that are needed how to repair cracked glass

– Liquid dishwashing soap
– Toothpick
– Glass cleaner
– Razer blade
– Two-part epoxy
– Paper plate
– Puffy knife
– Acetone

Use the dish show to clean the glass

First, you have to wash the glass surrounding the crack with one or two drops of dishwashing soap along
with a damp cloth. Remove the dust, oil, or fingerprints, if any. Now let the glass dry completely.

Mix the two-part epoxy

In a properly ventilated area, go ahead and prepare a two-part epoxy on a piece of cardboard. You can
also use any disposable plate. This is available in any craft stores. You also need a separate resin and
hardener that are mixed together at the time of use. This mixture should be a blend of an equal
proportion of resin and hardener.
Please have a read on the directions specified in the product. With the help of a toothpick, mix it well.

Use the mix soon after it’s ready, as it will quickly tighten and become hard. Leaving it to become hard
will not give after the desired result. Ensure that the mixture has to seep through the crack to repair the
cracked glass.

Mixture and the putty knife

With the help of the putty knife, you have to apply the mixture back of the glass. Act the mixture back
and forth on the crack and let it set into the damaged area with light force. Leave it for 5 minutes.

Razor blade and excess epoxy

fix cracked glass

The exits epoxy that is stuck around the crack has to be removed with the help of a razor blade. Use the
clean rag to wipe off the area. Never forget to make the rag acetone soaked. Now leave the repaired
grass for 24 hours.


The final step is to polish and smooth the glass after leaving it for 24 hours. You can use a clean rag
and a glass cleaner and cherish your fixed glass item.

Hence, repairing cracked glass is very easy. You can treasure and cherish your most favourite glass craft
by blessing it with a long life

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