Do I need speakers for my turntable

Do I need speakers for my turntable

More and more people are investing in a resurgent vinyl industry. Either because of the warm and textured sound, or because of tactile sensations, but vinyl is experiencing a comeback, and record players magically appear in homes around the world and is a great addition to any audio system, even based on a device that is considered as the best receiver for vinyl. However, more and more often the question arises which speakers will be better for a vinyl player.

Active or passive speakers?

Traditionally, a vinyl Hi-Fi system should consist of a turntable, phono stage, amplifier, and speakers. But some modern players have a built-in phono stage, and active speakers allow you not to think about a separate amplifier. As in any other audio system, it is better to use all components separately (amp, phono stage). But with the right selection of acoustics and the record player itself, it is already possible to achieve magical sound quality.
There are two speaker options for a vinyl player: active and passive. Active acoustics, equipped with a built-in amplifier; passive speakers such as bookshelf speakers will require the purchase of an external amplifier.
To connect passive speakers to your player, you need a receiver, a phono stage, an RCA cable, and the speakers themselves. The connection process is absolutely not complicated:

  • Connect the player to the phono equalizer using RCA cables and connect the ground (if necessary).
  • Connect the phono stage to the amplifier using RCA cables.
  • Connect the amplifier to the speakers.

It is also possible that the phono stage is already integrated into the receiver. Then passive speakers should be connected directly to the receiver.
With active speakers, it’s still easier. Most models of active speakers are equipped with their own amplifiers but will require a separate phono stage. There are also models with their own phono stage. To connect, you just need to connect the RCA cable and ground cable from the player to the speakers.

Active or passive speakers

If you have A/V receiver

If the center of your audio system is an A / V receiver, you can also connect a vinyl player to it. As with active speakers, receivers may or may not have a built-in phono speaker. In the first case, the connection is as simple as possible: connect the player to the phono input on the receiver, and then connect the speakers to the terminals of the receiver. In the second case, the connection algorithm is similar, only the external phono amplifier will act as an “intermediary” between the vinyl player and the receiver.
The modern variety allows customers to choose a system in almost any price range. So the problem of choosing speakers for vinyl is more than solvable.

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